About Support Hero

We've been building Saas softwares for the last 14 years. We understand your pain better than anyone as we've been there too! From the early days of our startups, we've always invested a lot in great customer support. A lot of time, a lot of tools, a lot of money. We've used Uservoice, Helpscout, Zendesk and all their competitors. Most of them are pretty good to handle inbound support tickets, but when it comes to providing support materials to our users and avoid those costly support tickets, they didn't do the job. As we kept receiving a TON of questions we had already answered in our FAQs and tutorials, we knew that there had to be a better solution. That's how the concept of Support Hero came to life: the only way to make your support materials do the job they are supposed to do is to embed them where the users need them, within the app! We've been building Support Hero with that concept in mind, and we use it everyday on our own Saas products. You can be assured that we'll keep improving Support Hero every day. We're happy to see you around and hope we'll help you reduce your incoming tickets, and improve your key Saas metrics.