How to build trust with first customers with Keri Byrne

Salesflare is a simply powerful CRM that automates your data to build better relationships and make more sales. A fast, visual and easy-to-use sales machine. Built on happiness with the latest tech, by humans for humans. Salesflare features a visual pipeline, automated tasks, a fully functional mobile app, an email sidebar, email tracking, web tracking, and built-in automation. Salesflare is the most popular CRM on Product Hunt.  I’ve noticed you are using Intercom for your live chat. How do you use it to increase customer onboarding engagement? We have automated onboarding sequences set up to send users a message at certain points of the onboarding process. We offer guides on how to use the software better if we notice they are

A Paris-based SaaS business that went to $5M in ARR with amazing customer support team

This time we spoke with Marcel Filip, a Product Quality Assurance at Agorapulse a social media management software launched in 2012.  They got to $5M in ARR and are growing 80% per year.  To start off, for those who don’t know Agorapulse, what do you do exactly? Agorapulse is an all-in-one social media management tool. We allow users to monitor and handle conversations with their fans and followers, let them use our powerful publishing tool, get and export statistics for their social profiles and many more. Our users are solo marketing experts, as well as large agency teams, on the other hand. How do you get your first customers to trust you? We try to apply the principle where the

Support Hero Interview with CEO of Harmony Business Systems

This time we had a great opportunity to speak with Steve Duckworth a founder and CEO of Harmony Business Systems . He’s always interested in listening to and acting on user feedback. Hearing people tell him they don’t know how they managed before buying Harmony is the best motivation imaginable. To start off, for those who don’t know Harmony PSA, what do you do exactly? We develop, market and support a cloud business solution for professional services businesses called Harmony PSA. Why did you choose to take “the hard way” of bootstrapping instead of raising money for your company? It is very tough to get early-stage investment for business software as it’s not a high growth model. So, we developed it ourselves with money we

Dream Support – Advanced customer support outsourcing and consulting platform

Dream Support is a customer service outsourcing and consulting company which combines leading practices in hiring, training, management, and QA to build a strong remote support team. We spoke with Nikita Matveev, co-founder at The story started with the AI project, Iris – a chatbot designed to help e-commerce business sell and support through Facebook messenger. Having tested Iris, they found out that sufficient data for an AI to learn can only be driven by great human service. Dream Support, an outsourcing company, was founded to research exceptional customer service. Their beloved clients and their heartfelt in-house support have built the culture that our remote teams proudly inherit. Staying at frontlines with customers, they accumulate unique experience they share

What are the differences between Support Hero’s and Intercom’s knowledge base?

Intercom has recently released a new knowledge base product and you may be wondering what are the key differences between the native Intercom’s knowledge base and Support Hero’s. Here’s a summary of the key differentiators: Intercom knowledge base is outside your app, users need to exit the app to look for a response to their question. Support Hero is embedded within your app and is accessible without leaving the context they’re currently working on. That means less friction, better user experience, and more deflected tickets. Making sure your knowledge base is easy to find and browse is not a meaningless detail. For example, try to find Intercom’s own knowledge base inside of their own product. Pretty challenging! Using Support Hero makes this

Six Steps to Building a Knowledge Base

Let’s start with the basics. A knowledge base is a library of data that is used on a self-service basis to answer questions. The information contained within the knowledge base is typically produced by the organization that it supports in order to answer specific user questions about the products and/or services they offer. When set up properly, a knowledge base provides clients with easy access to accurate answers for their questions, allowing organizations to greatly reduce the number of support tickets they deal with on a daily basis and lower overall customer support costs. Implementing a knowledge base is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to keep clients happy!   I Definitely Need This for My Business. How Do

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