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Top 6 Help Scout Alternatives

Excellent customer service is one of the most important factors to consider when trying to grow your business. Implementing self-service software that allows customers to get immediate answers to their questions is one way to empower your customers and get ahead of the competition. Help Scout is a leading service provider in their industry. Their self-service tool is a close competitor to Zendesk’s with a simpler, more intuitive approach. Most organizations in this space offer a free trial plan to begin, which is incredibly important when choosing which support solution to implement for your business. It gives you the opportunity to try out a product and know if you like the features and how it looks/feels before committing. Here are

Support Hero on Product Hunt

Hey Product Hunters! We’re pretty excited about this and I’d love to get feedback on my latest Product Hunt posting. Support Hero is a perfect tool for any growing company that wants to help their customers successfully use their product and educate them with a super simple knowledge base. With clients like Agorapulse, AppSumo, Thinkific, Kissmetrics, and Mailerlite, Support Hero has quietly been transforming the way users troubleshoot issues on the websites. You can see a sample of our clients here. Most small software companies can’t afford to offer 24/7 customer support. It’s just not feasible.  The other thing I would add is that offering efficient self-help resources can help a lot with that. Users don’t expect us to be

A Paris-based SaaS business that went to $5M in ARR with amazing customer support team

This time we spoke with Marcel Filip, a Product Quality Assurance at Agorapulse a social media management software launched in 2012.  They got to $5M in ARR and are growing 80% per year.  To start off, for those who don’t know Agorapulse, what do you do exactly? Agorapulse is an all-in-one social media management tool. We allow users to monitor and handle conversations with their fans and followers, let them use our powerful publishing tool, get and export statistics for their social profiles and many more. Our users are solo marketing experts, as well as large agency teams, on the other hand. How do you get your first customers to trust you? We try to apply the principle where the

What are the differences between Support Hero’s and Intercom’s knowledge base?

Intercom has recently released a new knowledge base product and you may be wondering what are the key differences between the native Intercom’s knowledge base and Support Hero’s. Here’s a summary of the key differentiators: Intercom knowledge base is outside your app, users need to exit the app to look for a response to their question. Support Hero is embedded within your app and is accessible without leaving the context they’re currently working on. That means less friction, better user experience, and more deflected tickets. Making sure your knowledge base is easy to find and browse is not a meaningless detail. For example, try to find Intercom’s own knowledge base inside of their own product. Pretty challenging! Using Support Hero makes this

Six Steps to Building a Knowledge Base

Let’s start with the basics. A knowledge base is a library of data that is used on a self-service basis to answer questions. The information contained within the knowledge base is typically produced by the organization that it supports in order to answer specific user questions about the products and/or services they offer. When set up properly, a knowledge base provides clients with easy access to accurate answers for their questions, allowing organizations to greatly reduce the number of support tickets they deal with on a daily basis and lower overall customer support costs. Implementing a knowledge base is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to keep clients happy!   I Definitely Need This for My Business. How Do

How should you understand the key statistics

Support Hero offers a lot of helpful statistics, but the most actionable is definitely the “failed searches” one. Support Hero statistics show you the number of failed searches – searches performed by users who did not find their answer in the results, but more importantly, it also shows you the number of deflected tickets. The number of deflected tickets is the number of searches that lead to results users have clicked on and read, and for which, when asked if they have found the answer to their question, they didn’t click “no” or sent a ticket. In a nutshell, a deflected ticket is a search for which results were displayed, content was read and no ticket was sent. You can assume

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