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Dream Support – Advanced customer support outsourcing and consulting platform

Dream Support is a customer service outsourcing and consulting company which combines leading practices in hiring, training, management, and QA to build a strong remote support team. We spoke with Nikita Matveev, co-founder at The story started with the AI project, Iris – a chatbot designed to help e-commerce business sell and support through Facebook messenger. Having tested Iris, they found out that sufficient data for an AI to learn can only be driven by great human service. Dream Support, an outsourcing company, was founded to research exceptional customer service. Their beloved clients and their heartfelt in-house support have built the culture that our remote teams proudly inherit. Staying at frontlines with customers, they accumulate unique experience they share

Interview with SaaS consultant and a marketer, Aaron Krall

Aaron specializes in turning expired trial users into paying users through ongoing email nurturing for SaaS businesses. He’s a non-competitive short distance swimmer. He makes dreams come true from his shed-turned-office (Shoffice) in Salt Lake City, UT. with his wonderful wife and two dogs. You can find more about him here: Let’s start with a generic one how do you get your first customers to trust you?  My first customers trusted me because I’d already but somewhat of a relationship through the Facebook Group that I started. For new clients, the best way I found to get them to trust me is by coming into the conversation without any expectations. I tell clients: If I can’t help you, I’ll let

Cloud-based content management system for virtual and augmented reality

This time we spoke with Jernej Mirt, CEO, and co-founder at  VIAR. Already during parallel studies of engineering and entrepreneurship, he participated in developing the entrepreneurship platform We worked together a couple of months on small startup project in the region but after failing our he cofounded VIAR, which is developing virtual reality for the purposes of marketing. Virtual Reality and 360 are coming and like any medium out there you will need to find a way to measure its performance. Analytics are important in every Industry. VR is not going to be an exception! There are more VR headsets being distributed – from high-end (HTC Vive, Rift), Medium (GearVR) and low-end (Google Cardboard, ViarBox). With the arrival of fun new content which is arriving

An interview with Gerard Compte about how they manage customer support team. 

For ten years, Gerard Compte, now CEO at FindThatLead, worked as a salesperson. As described in his latest blog post one day, he was tasked with finding an email address for decision makers at Google and Microsoft. In his struggle to complete the task, Gerard saw an opportunity.  His first attempt at a lead generation business was peer to peer based. In short, he built a team of virtual assistants who would work to manually generate a list of leads for his clients. Unfortunately, the quality was not great and the business failed. But they kept working. Fast Forward to 2018, FindThatLead is one of the leading companies that gives you the power to connect with people that matter to you. It

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