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<span>Eric Fung</span>, Marketing Engineer at <span>Kissmetrics</span>

“Often, creating support documentation feels like writing a bunch of how-to’s, throwing them at the wall, and hoping that they stick. I’m so glad that Support Hero gives me a way to measure what sticks. 30% of customer questions are consistently answered by our documentation now, and we can identify exactly where we can improve.”

Eric Fung, Marketing Engineer at Kissmetrics
<span>Kristell Cormarie</span>, Customer Support at <span>Agorapulse</span>

“We’ve tried almost all support knowledge base products on the market, none came close to what Support Hero is offering. Beyond (beautifully executed) full in-app support, the insights are incredibly useful: 2 months after implementing Support Hero, we cut our volume of inbound support tickets by 50%. No other tool on the market will give you that!”

Kristell Cormarie, Customer Support at Agorapulse
<span>Francesca Castaldi</span>, Panel Manager at <span>WhatUsersDo</span>

“I have to say that I have always been very skeptic about help desk support, but Support Hero is very straightforward and intuitive. The time spent on the support emails has been reduced by the 50%, which is amazing!”

Francesca Castaldi, Panel Manager at WhatUsersDo
<span>Catherine Wells</span>, customer success manager at <span></span>

“Support Hero allows you to provide in-app contextual help to customers, so they can get help with a particular feature without leaving the page. When somebody gets stuck, they just need to hit the “Need Help?” button at the bottom of the page to see relevant articles. It also provides analytics on failed help center searches, providing useful data for optimizing your knowledge base.”

Catherine Wells, customer success manager at
"If you don't take care of your customers, someone else will."
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