An interview with Gerard Compte about how they manage customer support team. 

For ten years, Gerard Compte, now CEO at FindThatLead, worked as a salesperson. As described in his latest blog post one day, he was tasked with finding an email address for decision makers at Google and Microsoft. In his struggle to complete the task, Gerard saw an opportunity. 

His first attempt at a lead generation business was peer to peer based. In short, he built a team of virtual assistants who would work to manually generate a list of leads for his clients. Unfortunately, the quality was not great and the business failed. But they kept working.


Gerard Compte

Fast Forward to 2018, FindThatLead is one of the leading companies that gives you the power to connect with people that matter to you. It works by connecting to your Chrome browser as a plugin giving you the power to view anyone’s business contact information and social data whilst you are logged into Linkedin. Awarded with best Growth Hacking Championship 2015, Best Email Finder Award 2014 and Global email searcher Award in 2014.

Here is the interview with CEO and co-founder of FindThatLead, Gerard Compte about how they manage customer support team. 

Gerard, let’s start with a generic one how do you get your first customers to trust you?

I always try to empathize with the customers and see what are the real needs on the product. You have to be honest and don’t try to sell them. If you do your sales speech correctly, the customer will ask for the price without you even tell no word about that.


What does good customer service mean to you?

For me it’s important to have a human support team behind, bots are pretty useful but can not act as a human being. Maybe bots are faster and cheaper but nothing compared to a human reaction. For me, good customer service means attention to details and try to understand what’s the real problem and use all the feedback to improve your product. Good customer service means that there’ll be someone there. Maybe not just in time because it’ll be extremely expensive.

How does the support function looks like at your organization?

It’s a core function in our organization, the vast majority of the business is to talk with actual clients or future ones. So we believe in support function as a core of our business.

There are many things you can measure customer support employees on, but ultimately, there’s one metric that matters most. How do you measure the success of your support efforts?

Well, the most important metrics you can measure is the customer satisfaction. You know you are doing good if at the end of support session the customer is happy or not at the end of the support service. 

Most of the people finally buy our tools because they’ve been talking previously with our support team.

What have been the biggest roadblocks you had to overcome to provide great support? Maybe after AppSumo launch? How did you handle a load of support tickets?

Yes, it was really stressful the first days because we have a live chat and there were lots of support petitions. The most difficult part was how to manage all tickets at the same time.

How do you ensure that all your support team members are all in sync?

We’ve divided the day into time zones for each support member. We prefer to have someone always available rather than to have a lot of people at the same time and hours with no one.

How do you empower everyone with internal support documentation?

We try to create the documentation for the team and encourage them to create a new one based on their own experience. What are the key points of support.

What tools do you use?

Our main tool is a chat support called Crisp. Most of our support is provided over there. In addition, we use email support as well.


Do you localize your support team? If yes, in which countries?

We tried to localize in India once but it didn’t work due to misunderstandings with the people there. We are a really close team and we want that everyone here does their best. Unfortunately, it didn’t work properly. We’re planning to localize again the support team but will be in the future, now is not a priority.

What would be number one advice you will give to junior support manager before starting his or her position?

Understand bad reviews or comments as a way to improve not like something personal. Try to empathize with that customer and understand why is he/she getting this problem. Could you do something to improve your service or tool to prevent future customers to ask for the same reason? The most important thing is not to stress. It’s true that some people need more time to understand something that may be for you is quite easy.

Where is customer support heading? How would you like it to change in the future?

Our main goal is to arrive at the time where the customer support department can work by itself as a set.


FindThatLead team in Barcelona, Spain

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About the Author: Gerard is the CEO and co-founder of FindThatLead, an email address verification tool for B2B lead generation. It works using a built-in and self-developed search engine that finds professionals based on their common characteristics such as job description, location, skills and years of experience based.


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