Freshdesk helps you manage support tickets
Support Hero helps you get fewer tickets

Support Hero is the ideal companion to Freshdesk: It helps you get fewer support tickets

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You love Freshdesk? We do too!

Support Hero works hand-in-hand with Freshdesk: it helps you better understand how your self help knowledge base is performing and improve it over time. We don’t replace Freshdesk, we just make it more efficient!

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Analyze what's working and what's not with your existing Freshdesk knowledge base

Support Hero will provide you with unparalleled insights about your existing knowledge base’s performance. It’s the best way to improve your existing resources and better address your user’s issues.

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Empower your support team

You’ve spent countless hours creating your Knowledge Base on Freshdesk, but do you know if that was worth the effort? Support Hero will tell you just that. It will also show you what you can improve your support content to get fewer tickets in the future.

Get more detailed support tickets into Freshdesk

Support Hero’s Smart contact form will help you gather more information about your user’s support request. You’ll get the whole picture in one ticket. No more need to go fish for information to be able to solve their problems.

Embed your Freshdesk Help Center right within your app

Your Freshdesk Support Center was hard to find? Not anymore! With Support Hero, you can embed it right within your app in a matter of minutes.

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