Interview with SaaS consultant and a marketer, Aaron Krall

Aaron specializes in turning expired trial users into paying users through ongoing email nurturing for SaaS businesses. He’s a non-competitive short distance swimmer. He makes dreams come true from his shed-turned-office (Shoffice) in Salt Lake City, UT. with his wonderful wife and two dogs. You can find more about him here:

Aaron Krall

Let’s start with a generic one how do you get your first customers to trust you? 

My first customers trusted me because I’d already but somewhat of a relationship through the Facebook Group that I started. For new clients, the best way I found to get them to trust me is by coming into the conversation without any expectations. I tell clients: If I can’t help you, I’ll let you know right away and I’ll point you in the direction of someone who can. If I can help you, I’ll let you know that too and we can schedule another call to talk about how. When you have the client’s best interest at heart, it becomes less of a matter of “How can I sell them” to “How can I help them, even if I’m not the best fit”

What does good customer service mean to you?

To me, it means being valued and listened to. Some of the best customer experiences I’ve had are when they ask me what’s important to me, and then help me get to that point.

You’ve built an amazing community – Saas Growth Hacks – on Facebook. How long did it take to build such an active audience and what was your number one tip to get the group to the point where we are today?

It’s taken me a few years to build it to where it’s at today. I started by buying a list of SaaS founders and CEOs and just cold emailing them one at a time. I then figured out I could automate it with a tool, and then it took off from there. The biggest insight I have for starting a successful group is to make each person feel valued and welcome. I would reach out to each new member individually when the group was smaller and welcome them personally and ask them to introduce themselves and their product to the group. I’ve really made an effort to give the most value possible in the group, regardless of whether or not it comes from me or someone else.

SaaS Growth Hacks

What are other Facebook Groups that we can learn Growth hacking tips?

BAMF with Josh Fetcher is great. He really knows his stuff and is developing new strategies all the time that he shares freely.

There are many things you can measure in you Saas business, but ultimately, there’s one metric that matters most. What is the single most effective metric for a SaaS business?

Customer success. By that, I mean are you helping your customer get the result they desire most? And are you making it an enjoyable experience for them? When have customers that talk and share your product with everyone they know, it’s a good sign you’re doing something right. 

Could you share with us what is the one thing that you tried and failed and why? And what was an unexpected success?   What are the best growth hacks for B2B startups?

I’ve failed at building companies many times. Every company I’ve started has either been unsuccessful or I ended up hating what I built. But each time I failed, I learned valuable lessons that made it my next failure easier. Soon, failure was something I expected and even looked forward to because it meant I was progressing.

My biggest unexpected success has to be the SaaS Growth Hacks Facebook group. I started it from 0 just a few years ago and it’s built into an amazing community that has helped thousands of SaaS entrepreneurs.

I love your tips & tricks on cold emailing? What is number one thing you see companies doing wrong when starting with cold emailing? Is it a tool or a strategy?

The biggest mistake I see is people not realizing that cold email should be a conversation. I see too many companies trying to sell in the first email, this is a mistake. They should be trying to start a conversation with the prospect, and deliver something of massive value first. There’s a lot of other tips, but I think these are the biggest: Start a conversation and provide massive value

I know you’ve tested tons of tools, but what are most valuable free tools that you would suggest using to improve productivity?

I hate to say it because I run a Facebook group, but the Newsfeed eradicator Google Chrome plugin saves me hours a day but helping save me from getting lost in the Facebook Black Hole. is another tool I love. It’s the dashboard for all the tools I use the most. It keeps them all in one application and I can switch between them all in one click.

What other tools do you use?

The tools I couldn’t live without are:

Your vision for the future of cold emailing? How will AI change the way we communicate with customers and where do you see the point in the future when AI will send better emails than best sales reps?

I don’t think AI will ever replace ol’ fashioned reaching out to someone you’d like to connect with and expressing interest in them. If you’re SaaS sells enterprise level software, you’ll probably always have to have some face to face interaction, and for large deal sized, mass cold email doesn’t make a lot of sense.

For SaaS with smaller deal sizes, there may be a point where an AI can customize the email so it’s highly targeted and personalized, but I think that’s years away. Until then, I think there are much better ways of getting clients than cold email.

About the Author: Aaron Krall founder of SaaS Growth Hacks, Email Marketing Hacker for SaaS, Startups and Software companies.


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