How to build trust with first customers with Keri Byrne

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I’ve noticed you are using Intercom for your live chat. How do you use it to increase customer onboarding engagement?

We have automated onboarding sequences set up to send users a message at certain points of the onboarding process.

We offer guides on how to use the software better if we notice they are not active in certain areas. Later we teach them how to integrate with other apps, etc. This helps teach them how Salesflare works but isn’t an overwhelming amount of info at once.

Sometimes we send a message like, “Hey, what’s up?” just to check in and see how things are going. It’s way more casual and likely to get a response if people are curious about something at that moment.

One of the best ways to connect with prospects is by using stories from existing customers. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as saying “could you please provide a testimonial?”  What Makes a Good Testimonial?

Find the customers that are super excited about your product/service. We use GrowthScore to gather our NPS score from customers. The ones who give us a 10 and give really passionate reviews are the ones we feel comfortable to ask, “Hey, want to spread the love even further and give us a review?” Of course, not everyone will do it but the ones that do are really excited about it.

A good testimonial feels and sounds natural, focuses on the details of why it fits that customer’s needs and is posted on the right channels.

“If you want an intuitive, automated, and intelligent sales CRM, I have seen nothing that comes close to Salesflare.”

Colin Lernell, Udacity

What would be number one advice you will give to junior support manager before starting his or her position?

Figure out what the customers mean but aren’t saying. Feature requests and/or complaints can be buried in between the lines. If you can decipher what they’re really trying to say in the context of your product/service, you can learn how to improve faster.

About the author: Keri Byrne, Product Evangelist at Salesflare. who takes care of customer relationships, support, and education.

P.S.: Listen to interview with Jeroen Corhout, CEO at Salesflare on How to build trust with first customers

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